Our Testing Factory’s models are specifically developed to provide software development projects with the best testing practices, allowing seamless integration of product and acceptance tests. This strategy guarantees that all software fulfills all business requirements. Evidently, the client will receive all benefits commonly associated with including a testing factory in their development project:

  • Greater operational efficiency of the development process. Software companies immediately receive the most qualified resources in the exact moment they are needed.
  • Lower costs. Hiring experts assures the quality of all testing assignments from the very beginning, improving schedule predictability and making sure that your product’s shipping date becomes a tangible fact.
  • Immediate ROI. Outsourcing lets you flexibly assign resources that can handle peaks and valleys during high demand times, as well as lets you focus on more than one development task at a time during the life cycle.

In this way, we can guarantee the efficient and systematic quality control of every type of software, with solutions that work for any kind of company and development methodology. In fact, we’re known for our ability to adapt to both agile (SCRUM) and formal (PMI) methodologies and can work with all technologies including desktop, cloud or mobile.

Integrated Functional Testing

Our integrated functional testing services were designed to verify and validate that the tested software actually complies with all functional specifications. A dedicated team of testers that have specialized in functional tests will typically use black box, scripted-testing and exploratory test techniques to identify critical errors. We are usually able to identify over 80% of high severity defects in software after only three testing cycles.

Test Automation

By making some tests automatic, clients can save money and time when testing certain kinds of products, especially those in need of systematic and successive tests. After studying the software, Make IT Work counts with ample experience to determine where to implement automation scripts. We will also take care of defining, developing and implementing specific scripts that will later run to quickly find problems.

Performance Testing

Is your product ready to face the daily onslaught of users that will use it after launch? Make IT Work helps you determine this with overload, performance or stress tests that will quickly find your weak spots, always keeping the project’s objectives in mind. These tests let our team generate a series of recommendations that you can later implement to prevent costly system overloads and downtimes.

Testing Process Consulting

By interviewing those who hold key roles in testing processes in your company, we can first understand the existing processes to then compare and evaluate them with proven standard practices from different industry models (TPI, TMMI, CMMI, MPS). This allows us to create a recommendation roadmap with quick-wins that will benefit the organization by improving its testing processes in the most efficient way.

Defect Causal Analysis

Causal analyses let us generate a framework which we can use to establish how to measure problems and defects in a software product. This technique enables the company to quickly and efficiently detect issues such as a need to train resources, weaknesses in products or processes or a lack of skills in working teams. We work with the client to design a basic model of metrics that allows us to analyze the causes behind problems and defects. We then generate processes and procedures to describe the activities needed to identify, report and measure defects. Using a basic set of measurable orthogonal attributes -supported by a set of checklists- the client can then guarantee that the metrics recollected aren’t ambiguous but exactly what he or she needs.

Acceptance and Post-Implementation Process Management

Using a model based on COBIT and ITIL, we can validate software products even after their installation or launch (problem analysis and service level control). This testing service is based on the definition and management of strategies that study how end users accept a product, combined with periodic performance evaluations to establish the solution’s scalability and how different user groups use different features. Our evaluations include analyses of customer support processes, looking to identify possible incidents, weaknesses and issues to improve. Once these weak spots are found, we also offer training services in order to assure that all improvements are implemented in an organized and efficient way.

Timeboxed Testing Services

Our Timeboxed Testing Services (TTS) are ideal for products or projects that lack formal requirement specifications and defined test cases, or for those clients looking for a quick diagnostic of their final product’s integral quality. Our exploratory tests are executed to answer questions regarding the product’s functionality, such as: “Can a customer sign up in less than 3 clicks?” “Can I track a product through its shipping route?” etc. In this case, both investment and risk are controlled by the client, who disposes a fixed budget and minimum risk in final estimations. Make IT Work agrees on the objectives along with the client to achieve tangible results in short times.

Test Accelerators for E-banking and E-commerce

Our Test Accelerators are inhouse-created solutions with specific client niches in mind. Our e-banking solutions allow us to manage complete testing cycles for these kinds of companies’ most common processes (debit and credit cards, transactions that combine two back-ends, transfers, payments and queries). Our Test Accelerator for e-commerce focuses on tests for product uploads, sign up processes, online purchases and access, payment confirmations and check-out options, as well as packaging and shipping.

Integral Testing Management

This solution is structured to strengthen a company’s response to its main product testing challenges. Under this service, Make IT Work takes on all testing responsibilities for a project, offering an end-to-end, customizable service.