Testing Factory

Our Testing Factory offers software companies and factories the possibility of verifying and validating their products with a truly global service. Using proven methodologies, predefined models and generic work schemes, we are able to quickly detect problems and insure quality for any type of software. In the meantime, we are also significantly reducing our clients’ operational, time-related and human resource overheads. By providing processes, resources and tools that combine both functional and technical testing, we also guarantee productivity and efficiency, briskly avoiding all problems and costs usually associated with informal inhouse testing practices.

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Business Productivity Services

Make IT Work also offers technological solutions made to improve business productivity processes. These are based on out-of-the-box tools that avoid incurring payments every time a new feature package comes out. Combined with the seniority of our experts, we can guarantee our clients an optimal -and measurable- solution.

We currently offer three types of business productivity solutions:

  • Software development processes based on Microsoft’s Team Foundation Server.
  • Collaboration portals and CMMI process improvement, based on Microsoft’s Sharepoint Technologies.
  • EPM (Enterprise Project Management) solutions based on Microsoft’s Project Sever.

Consulting Studio

Make IT Work also offers consulting services through its partnership with Herbert Consulting, specially designed to improve CMMI and -Brazilian counterpart- MPRS.BR processes in small and medium companies.

Developed by the SEI (Software Engineering Institute of Carnegie Mellon), CMMI is widely used in large companies and government branches which also look for providers that are CMMI-friendly. Likewise, the MPRS.BR Brazilian model was created by the country’s federal government to improve the quality of Brazilian software. Given the high costs of adopting / evaluation CMMI processes for Latin American companies, MPRS.BR is an equally effective alternative available at lower costs.

Make IT Work has developed a set of processes, templates, tools and indicators that not only manage to implement all SEI-recommended adaptations at a lower cost, but also have the flexibility to seamlessly fit right into any company or corporate culture.


Driven by our efforts to improve the country’s testing quality and culture, in 2013 the ISTQB (International Software Testing Qualifications Board) authorized us to certify testing professionals. The courses and workshops aim to educate existing and future generations of Uruguayan testers, allowing us to help the sector’s formalization within the industry.